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Advancing Cancer Care

Advancing Cancer Care

We are a not-for-profit community pharmacy established to support the advancement of cancer treatment. We work with the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families, by advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, care, cure and prevention of cancer.

Specialised Medications and Products

Our on-site pharmacy is where we prepare and deliver pharmacy services and treatments for all our patients at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. These medications range from mainstream cancer treatments to rare and clinical trial drugs. As cancer specialists, our pharmacists regularly handle specialised oncology drugs that are not common in the community. Our retail pharmacy also keeps specialised products to help cancer patients manage adverse effects of cancer treatment along with general pharmacy items you would find at a community pharmacy.


We deliver within Australia. We charge standard Australia Post parcel rates for domestic shipping.


Services - #1
Outpatient pharmacy services
We dispense PBS subsidised medications to all Lifehouse patients. Our pharmacists have direct access to your clinic notes and laboratory results which helps us review the appropriateness of your medications for you and your condition. We can liaise directly with your doctor on your behalf for any medication monitoring requirements... Read More
Services - #2
Inpatient Pharmacy Services
We have clinical pharmacists dedicated to each ward to help ensure you receive all the appropriate medications during your inpatient stay and discharge. If you are going to be admitted at Lifehouse, please bring all your current medications. Our clinical pharmacists will ensure that your medications that need to continue during your... Read More
Services - #3
Day Therapy Pharmacy
Our Day therapy unit is serviced by a team of day therapy pharmacists. They work closely with the doctors and nursing staff to review and check all chemotherapy and immunotherapy prescribed in the unit. We also have a dedicated counselling pharmacist who supplies and counsels all day therapy patients on their new oral medications.
Services - #4
Aseptic Compounding Pharmacy
We have a cytotoxic and sterile manufacturing suite inside the Lifehouse Pharmacy that services day therapy. This is where we make over a hundred chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments for our patients every day. Having our own pharmacy has many benefits, including: Flexibility – to change doses and treatments when needed Responsiveness... Read More
Services - #5
Clinical Trials
Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is the biggest cancer clinical trials centre in NSW. The pharmacy department supports the hospital in the handling, storage, preparation and dispensing of clinical trial medications. We have a 24/7 temperature monitoring system that ensures clinical trial medications are stored within protocol-specified temperature... Read More
Services - #6
Medications Access Programs
Lifehouse pharmacy also supports doctors and patients access compassionate supply and cost-share programs for medications not covered by the PBS. Upon enrolment to a program and providing financial consent, Lifehouse Pharmacy can procure, compound and dispense these medications to our patients.
Services - #7
Chris O'Brien Pharmacy has partnered with University of Sydney to provide training to pharmacy students through clinical placements and research projects. We also facilitate regular workshops for pharmacists who are new to Oncology.

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